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Services for Body Shops

Has your shop ever made customers wait weeks or even months to get a dent out because your PDR technician is chasing hail elsewhere? Remember, it’s your shop’s reputation that goes on the line when a customer waits weeks. We want your customers to feel glad they brought their dent to your shop, because it was scheduled and removed in a timely and professional manner.

This is why body shops prefer Bailey’s PDR.

  • Turn around time is approximately 1–3 business days.
  • Weekly or monthly visits can be arranged.
  • Friendly and helpful technicians are at your service.
  • Being locally-owned and trusted, you can rest assured that we are here to serve you.

Hail Damage

Have you ever experienced a hail storm in your city or town? If you have, then you will understand us when we say, “get ready”.

Most body shops will experience only a few hail storms during their life time of doing business, thus it is very important to have help so the repair process is a steady and profitable event. You won’t need just any help; you will need help from hail experts who are trained in PDR, who can identify hail damage, and who work professionally with others. We service North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota for hail damage. We implement systems that we've created to maximize marketing, estimating, quality control, tracking, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

How Can Bailey’s PDR Help Body Shops After a Hail Storm?
  • We are a team of individuals working for one goal: “to provide quality PDR services with a professional and devoted team”.
  • We can work alongside owners, managers, or estimators to create a hassle-free estimating system.
  • We help put your shop on the map to attract even more customers.
  • Bailey’s PDR is a locally-owned and trusted business that will help build your customer’s confidence in having their vehicle repaired at your shop.
  • We will be here after the storm, and our goal is to build a long-term business relationship with you to help with all of your automotive dent needs.

Do you have questions? Contact us to receive more information about our Catastrophic Hail Team at 1-844-730-4245 (HAIL)