• door ding pricing

    Door Ding Pricing

    There are 3 basic ways of getting an estimate.

    1. Call and describe the dent to us - Good
    2. Email us pictures and a description of the vehicle and dent - Better
    3. Stop by our shop and have one of our skilled staff members give you an estimate - Best

    The first two methods listed above are subject to change upon having one of our technicians actually examining the dent in person. The reason why is there are many hidden obstructions that are behind the panels and variables that take place. We need to actually see the dent in person to calculate the exact repair procedure and then determine from that point a fair estimate.

    After deciding on one of the 3 methods above, please contact us to get your estimate.

  • Pricing Chart

    This is a basic price chart for door dings. There is a discount on an additional dent if it’s on the same panel.

    Dent Size Dent Addl' Dent per Panel
    1″ $100 $25 $125
    2″ $125 $50 $200
    3″ $150 $75 $250
    4″ $200 $100 $300
    5″ $250 $125 $350
    6″ $300 $150 $400
    7″+ $350+ $175+ $450+
    • There is no sanding, no bondo, no paint.
    • Prices are subject to change.
    • Aluminum and double panels are 25% more.
    • Dents on a body line are 25% more.
    • Additional cost may be required for R&I, corrosion protection, etc.

    No appointment necessary. Stop by anytime 8 AM–5 PM, Mon–Fri to receive your estimate.

Hail Damage Pricing

Hail damage on vehicles directly affects the resale value. Hail damaged vehicles can be lightly hit ($300), to severely hit ($6,000+), depending on the severity of damage. Hail damage isn’t just dents, it also consists of broken glass and damaged moldings. We use a widely accepted hail pricing matrix to identify the cost of repairs for hail damage. Bailey’s PDR works with various insurance companies, and we are committed to get you back on the road as soon as possible putting the stress of the repair behind you.

Some shops or PDR companies aren’t familiar with estimating hail damage since it doesn’t always hail in one spot every year. Bailey’s PDR is highly skilled in spotting hail damage on vehicles and writing a fair estimate that insurance providers accept. We are dedicated to getting your vehicle looking like it did before the storm, and we are here to help you through the process. We have repaired many hail damaged vehicles and continually fix more every year. That’s why we are your hail experts.